Nothing good comes easy

So after 1099 days, 1000+ membership applications,16 full-time staff hires, three lockdowns and two false-starts we’re finally launching.

Our first club ‘Until Soho’ will open its doors on Monday 15th November at the new Ilona Rose House on Tottenham Court Road. It has been a long journey, but one that elegantly reflects our ethos of transformation through hard work.

What started as a desire of a small group of co-founders to find a better way to support health and wellness professionals, turned into the first members club and workspace for the wellness industry.

But that original mission is still the guiding hand at the heart of everything that we do – we exist to serve the professional. That’s because health and wellness professionals aren’t just workers, they’re life changers and savers. Until exists to serve these amazing humans with as much love, diligence, and excellence as they give their clients.

We do that through giving them:

A state-of the art home for their business: a specialist 3000 sq ft gym, 9 expert treatment rooms and 8 beautifully designed coaching rooms

Access to the latest health tech: a dedicated Performance Suite with the latest technology for assessing and tracking musculoskeletal performance and damage

Support growing their business: a range of business support services from marketing through to financial advice, as well as a state-of-the-art podcast recording facility and soundproofed video call booths for delivering online sessions

The tools to keep developing: a best-in-class fully holistic CPD and training programme delivered by members for members

A place to build their network: a 1500 sq ft Clubhouse space where members can run their business, connect and collaborate with London’s best health and wellbeing professionals

Full support: members enjoy the benefits of being a full-time employee without the restrictions with services such as health insurance and accounting support

Premium service: to help members deliver the very best experience for their clients, every time

But, first and foremost, Until is a community. Our goal is to create a highly aspirational, powerful and supportive community of London’s very best health and wellbeing professionals. Everyone from personal trainers to life coaches, osteopaths to psychotherapists, nutritionists to acupuncturists and many more.

It’s to these professionals that we want to say a huge thank you for their patience and support over the last three years.

The talking is finally over. It’s time to deliver.

Never stop until.