Self-employed work and wellbeing

Are you a self-employed health or wellness professional that has struggled with getting the balance right? In this article, we explain how becoming part of the Until community can help alleviate some of the common pressures and stresses associated with freelance work to ensure a better balanced lifestyle and greater general wellbeing.

Self-employed work and wellbeing post-pandemic

It has been well-documented that the pandemic has put heavy pressure on mental and physical health. To cite just one example, in June the Office for National Statistics reported that one in five adults had experienced some form of depression since Covid-19 appeared and that 84% of adults admitted to feeling stressed or anxious. 

For the self-employed, the past year has been especially challenging.The downside of working for yourself is often the lack of team or community to share experiences with. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection which has been heavily exacerbated by the various lockdowns and social distancing measures in place.

Why is community essential for wellbeing?

A problem shared is a problem halved. Having a community you can turn to is key to relieving common struggles or triggers that can develop into long-term stress. 

At Until, our goal is to build a network who are committed to providing the very best services in physical and mental health. Facilitated through our 1500 sq ft Clubhouse space, building connections has never been easier. Members can run their business and collaborate with London’s best health and wellbeing professionals. This means that you are part of a wider network of experienced wellness professionals to lean on when you require some additional support.

How else can Until support your self-employed business?

Until will also be able to help alleviate some of the other headaches that come with working for yourself and contribute to stress. Our membership includes a range of business support services from marketing through to financial advice. You can also seamlessly access many of the benefits you would receive as an employee, such as health insurance and sick or injury pay.

If you’re a health professional looking for a new home for your freelance business, join the waiting list by applying through our website and our membership team will be in touch!