therapy rooms

Get flexible access to elegant, design-led therapy rooms

Our talk therapy rooms have been designed to be the perfect blend of beauty and function, and can be booked from £21.47/hour

Our facilities

What’s in our therapy rooms

Comfortable sofa & chairs

Selected to provide the right level of comfort and postural support for both the practitioner and client

Side & coffee tables

Providing flexibility for each practitioner to set the room up to suit their needs

Writing desk

Creating a comfortable environment to work pre and post each session

Curated artwork & soft furnishings

Hand selected to create an aesthetically pleasing experience that is non triggering for clients

Air filtration & temperature control

To ensure the room stays fresh and inviting, even after multiple sessions

Adjustable lighting

Allowing you to create the perfect ambience for you and your clients

White noise machines

To provide an extra layer of privacy for you and your clients


Access to flip charts, stationery & more should you need them

How it works


The new way to work

Scale your business without loosing a percentage of your earnings, and unlock the profits you deserve

A like-minded community

Our clubs boast a supportive community of leading coaching, treatment & clinical professionals

Keep what you earn

Our pricing is transparent, therefore we don’t take a percentage of your earnings or limit what you charge. Instead, we charge a flat rate so that you can use our gym, rooms and equipment

Membership Types

Designed for the modern entrepreneur

Everything you need to flexibly grow your business.


For professionals who want instant access to high-quality facilities to rent, as well as everything UNTIL has to offer; including our network of clubs, business growth services and community

Access business support training and tools

Build your network and skills

Access multiple clubs within our network

Run your business from our clubhouses

Free unlimited coffee

Coaching room
from £21.47/hr
Best value


For professionals that desire instant access to high-quality facilities to rent without paying full membership

Includes a monthly allocation of sessions

Seamlessly book sessions through our app

No clubhouse access

Limited to our smallest credit bundle

Coaching room
from £31.63/hr


Please complete our application form, providing all the necessary information. Once your application is received, our membership team will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

Coach working in therapy room at UNTIL


your questions, answered here

How many rooms do you have?

We have 3 coaching rooms at our Soho club

Are the rooms fully sound proofed?

Our rooms have been designed with good sound insulation to ensure you and your clients have a comfortable experience. Each room has a white noise machine you can use.

Will you launch any rooms in Liverpool Street?

Unfortunately we don’t have any coaching rooms currently at Liverpool Street. Soho is our only club with coaching rooms.

Still have questions?

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