Love where you coach

We help freelance coaches & therapists work in a more supportive and enjoyable way by giving them flexible access to London’s best facilities, powerful growth services and a supportive community.

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INDUSTRY LEADING flexible facilities

We help London’s leading health and wellness professionals - including coaches andtherapists - work in a more secure and enjoyable way

Comfortable sofa & chairs

Selected to provide the right level of comfort and postural support for both the practitioner and client

Side & coffee tables

Creating an ergonomic and functional workspace extends beyond just the work desk and chair

Writing desk

A proper ergonomic setup is essential when working long hours ensuring a comfortable and healthy working environment

Curated artwork & soft furnishings

A world of artistic elegance and comfort with our carefully selected curated artwork & soft furnishings.

Air filtration & temperature control

A range of kettlebells, medicine balls and TRX systems

Adjustable lighting

Temperature control and adjustable lighting, as well as air filtration

White noise machines

a popular choice for creating a peaceful and soothing sleep environment.


Access to flip charts, stationery & more

Other facilities

More than just a COACHING room

Membership includes a monthly group clinical supervision session to support the coaches within our community.

Deliver online sessions in comfort and silence.

Our Community Team is always on-hand to help you or your clients within our clubs.



Become a member

Our base monthly membership gives you access to our exclusive facilities, growth services and supportive community.

Pay as you go credits

Members purchase credit packs with up to 3 month expiry. The larger the pack, the better the value per hour.

Flexible access

From treatment rooms to gym space, we have facilities in all shapes and sizes available to book by the hour using credits.


designed for the modern entrepeneur

the new way to work

Scale your business without loosing a percentage of your earnings, and unlock the profits you deserve.

a like minded community

Our clubs boast a supportive community of leading coaching, treatment & clinical professionals,

Keep what you earn

Our pricing is transparent, therefore we don’t take a percentage of your earnings or limit what you charge. Instead, we charge a flat rate so that you can use our gym, rooms and equipment.

Our Clubhouses

A home to run your business

Video call booths

Custom-built booths for delivering online sessions

Training facility

A dedicated space for CPD and business support sessions

Kitchen area

Including barista style coffee, fridges for members and much more


Hot desking space and meeting booths to run your business from

Day lockers

Available for all members, subject to availability

Lounge area

Space to connect and unwind between sessions


your questions, answered here

How many rooms do you have?

We have 3 coaching rooms at our Soho club

Are the rooms fully sound proofed?

Our rooms have been designed with good sound insulation to ensure you and your clients have a comfortable experience. Each room has a white noise machine you can use.

Will you launch any rooms in Liverpool Street?

Unfortunately we don’t have any coaching rooms currently at Liverpool Street. Soho is our only club with coaching rooms.

Still have questions?

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