CBCT scanner to rent in London

FLEXIBLE ACCESS TO advanced imaging

Access our on-site DS Sirona Orthophos S CBCT scanner when you book our flexible, all-inclusive dental surgeries. Our rooms are available from £74.67/hour.


The best DENTAL space in CENTRAL london

DS Sirona Intego chairs

Providing exceptional comfort and precision for dental professionals during patient treatments.

DS Sirona Orthophos S CBCT scanner

Offering cutting-edge imaging capabilities for precise dental diagnostics.

iTero 5D+ intraoral scanner

Cutting-edge dental technology for precise and comprehensive oral scans.

Roof mounted TV screen with Netflix

Patients can enjoy a soothing distraction during their treatment

Integrated ‘before and after’ photography area

Capture and showcase patients' transformational smile improvements.

Modern decontamination room

Seamless access to our state-of-the-art decontamination room, conveniently integrated with our modern dental facility.

All-inclusive & hassle-freeAAlex1 hour ago

All of our surgeries come with a nurse, should you need one, essential kit, disposables and cleaning services

How it works


We take the hassle out of CQC registration

Our clinic is fully CQC registered so all dentists working from UNTIL can work under our registration, making it quick and easy for you to get started

Keep 100% of your earnings

We never take a % of what you earn or restrict what you can charge. You simply pay a fee to rent our rooms, leaving you free to fully benefit from your brilliance

A powerful cross-referral community

At UNTIL you can work alongside and be referred into by 300+ leading health and wellness professionals from a wide range of different professions

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Our ecosystem

Where healthcare meets wellness

Our Marylebone club is the UK’s first wellcare facility that brings together leading private medical, dentistry and wellness practitioners all under one roof. Providing a superior experience for both you and your patients

Membership Types

Designed for the modern entrepreneur

Everything you need to flexibly grow your business.


For professionals that desire instant access to high-quality facilities to rent without paying full membership

Includes a monthly allocation of sessions

Seamlessly book sessions through our app

No clubhouse access

Limited to our smallest credit bundle

Dental rooms
from £110/hr


For professionals who want instant access to high-quality facilities to rent, as well as everything UNTIL has to offer; including our network of clubs, business growth services and community

Access business support training and tools

Build your network and skills

Access multiple clubs within our network

Run your business from our clubhouses

Free unlimited coffee

Dental rooms
from £74.67/hr
Best value


For small businesses and clinics with more than one employee.

Receive the same benefits included in the Thrive package

Share credits across your team

Manage all team members seamlessly via our app

Variety of storage options (prices vary)

£50/mo + £99/member
Dental rooms
from £74.67/hr


Please complete our application form, providing all the necessary information. Once your application is received, our membership team will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.