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massage rooms to rent in London

FLEXIBLE ACCESS to Thoughtfully Designed Premium Massage Rooms

Our massage rooms to rent in London offer the perfect blend of tranquility and professionalism, designed to elevate your practice and provide your clients with an unforgettable experience. Ideal for self employed and freelance massage therapists. Book from as little as £100/month

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Our facilities

What’s in our massage rooms

3-part electric treatment bed

State-of-the-art Plinth Medical beds their height can be adjusted electronically

Sink & counter space

Creating an ergonomic and functional workspace extends beyond just the work desk and chair

Work desk & chair

A proper ergonomic setup is essential when working long hours ensuring a comfortable and healthy working environment

Treatment stool

Equipped with adjustable height settings for patient comfort during examinations and procedures.

Full length mirror

Diagnosis, evaluation, and to provide visual feedback to patients as they perform exercises or movements.

Environment control

Temperature control and adjustable lighting, as well as air filtration

Fresh towels

Replaced daily to ensure they are clean and fresh

Hyperice recovery unit

A suite of products like recovery boots, massage guns and foam rollers

How it works


The new way to work

Scale your business without loosing a percentage of your earnings, and unlock the profits you deserve

A like-minded community

Our clubs boast a supportive community of leading coaching, treatment & clinical professionals

Keep what you earn

Our pricing is transparent, therefore we don’t take a percentage of your earnings or limit what you charge. Instead, we charge a flat rate so that you can use our gym, rooms and equipment

Our mission


We'll help you grow your business faster and smarter by providing you with powerful support services such as business coaching, marketing and growth tools.

“One of my biggest hesitations was not having enough clients before I joined Until. I worked with the membership team and joined the business growth 6 week programme, which was game changing.”


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Membership Types

Designed for the modern entrepreneur

Everything you need to flexibly grow your business.


For professionals that desire instant access to high-quality facilities to rent without paying full membership

Includes a monthly allocation of sessions

Seamlessly book sessions through our app

No clubhouse access

Limited to our smallest credit bundle

Treatment room
from £34.38/hr


For professionals who want instant access to high-quality facilities to rent, as well as everything UNTIL has to offer; including our network of clubs, business growth services and community

Access business support training and tools

Build your network and skills

Access multiple clubs within our network

Run your business from our clubhouses

Free unlimited coffee

Treatment room
from £23.33/hr
Best value


For small businesses and clinics with more than one employee.

Receive the same benefits included in the Thrive package

Share credits across your team

Manage all team members seamlessly via our app

Variety of storage options (prices vary)

£50/mo + £99/member
Treatment room
from £23.33/hr

ACCELERATE YOUR massage business

Please complete our application form, providing all the necessary information. Once your application is received, our membership team will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

Treatment professional working at UNTIL


your questions, answered here

How early can I access the room?

You will be given access 5 minutes before the booking time, if the room is free.

Do you have sharps bins and clinical waste bins?

Yes, we provide both sharps bins and manage all clinical waste for you as part of your room booking.

How far in advance can I book a room?

As long as you have credits, you can book as far in advance as you want to.

What length of sessions can I book?

You can book 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Can I conduct consultations in the rooms?

Yes, there is a desk, chair and stool in each room so you can conduct all consultations within your session.

How many rooms do you have?

Soho - We have 9 rooms
LST - We have 3 rooms

What if my client is late?

The room will need to be cleared at the end of the booking time to accommodate the next booking

Still have questions?

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