5 awesome apps for health & wellness freelancers

5 of the most exciting new apps to help you run your health and wellbeing business smarter and better. Saving you time, money and sweat!

Written by
Alex Pellew
Published on
October 19, 2021

5 ways health and wellbeing freelancers can work smarter, faster and better!

Hands up who’s changed how they work over the last few months?  Yep, that’s what we thought.  

Not only have we become more intimate with Zoom, many health and wellbeing freelancers have also used this time to start to work smarter. Here are five of the best new apps that we’ve seen getting traction with fellow health and wellbeing freelancers.

Nailing work life balance

Other People's Side-Projects 4: Creating your own app — I have so many ideas

Health and wellbeing freelancers are notorious for working long hours 6-7 days a week. Unchecked this can create an impact on your private life.

Cushion will remind you that life is not only about work! It helps you achieve the work-life balance that will prevent a burnout. It lets you plan months ahead, and it warns you when you’re over booked. Priceless for a frenetic post Covid world.

Getting focused

Be Focused Pro « Mac App Deals & Mac App Store Discounts — Two Dollar  Tuesday

One that’s even more relevant now most of us are working from home, with all the new distractions it brings.

Be Focused is a great productivity app that helps you win the battle against procrastination. It knows what goals you have to meet, so it inspires you to stop wasting time on social media and do the work you promised to do. 

Staying secure

Bitwarden - Free Password Manager

When you’re a health and wellbeing freelancer, you maintain a few blogs, you have several social media accounts, and you use numerous apps, remembering passwords can be a problem.

Bitwarden lets you store sensitive data in the most secure manner, making it a great password manager.

Staying on top of your diary

One of the biggest challenges for health and wellbeing freelancers is scheduling and managing Client sessions and appointments.

Doodle is a brilliant tool for taking the hassle and to-and-fro out of organising sessions.  It’ll also send automatic reminders to clients to help reduce late cancellation…amen to that!

Spend less time managing social

Getting your health and wellbeing business out there means being seen!  Which means being on social media…

Buffer is perfect for you to manage all of your social media in one place, saving you a bucket load of time and effort. One of this app's biggest strength lies in its approach to scheduling –you can plan content months ahead in Buffer’s calendar, get tips on the ideal time to post content, and enjoy custom scheduling.

If you're looking for more smarter ways to run your health and wellbeing business then get in touch with the team at Until. Until is a fully equipped coworking space for health professionals, offering you an exciting new way of delivering your service and running your business.