A new home for London's health & wellbeing professionals

Are you a self-employed health and wellbeing professional thinking about where you're going to work from after the pandemic? Then why not try a different way of working, one that gives you more freedom, support and fulfilment.

Written by
Alex Pellew
Published on
November 16, 2021

Health and wellbeing professionals aren’t just workers, they’re life changers.  

Ever had a trainer give you your self-confidence back?

Or a physio who’s given you back the gift of running?

Or a counsellor who’s helped you smile again? 

If not, I bet you know someone who has.  We realised this back in 2018 when we started building Until.  We wanted to create a way of supporting these amazing people with as much love, diligence and excellence as they give their clients and patients.

But the market felt like it often exploited more than enabled them.  We set out to change that by giving them full control over how they work, earn and live - the ability to unlock the full value of their brilliance, better grow and develop their superpowers and get support building a thriving business.

If this felt necessary pre pandemic, it feels utterly essential now with over 3 million freelancers falling through the cracks of the government’s pandemic support packages. Leading to 48% of freelancers fearing for what the future holds for them and craving greater support (ipse July 2020)

It’s also why Until is far more than just a space to work from.  It’s the first members club and workspace for self-employed health and wellbeing professionals giving them:

  • A state-of the art home for their business: a specialist3000 sq ft Personal Trainer gym, 11 expert treatment rooms and 7 beautifully designed coaching rooms
  • Support growing their business: a range of business support services from marketing through to financial advice
  • The tools to keep developing: a best-in-class fully holistic CPD programme delivered by members for members
  • A place to build their network: a 2000 sq ft Clubhouse space where Members can run their business, connect and collaborate with London’s best health and wellbeing professionals
  • Full support: many of the benefits of being a full-time employee – health insurance, sick and injury pay etc – without the restrictions
  • Premium service: to ensure they deliver the very best experience for their clients, every time

But, first and foremost, Until is a community.  Our goal is to create a highly aspirational, powerful and supportive community of London’s very best health and wellbeing professionals, working across training, treatment and coaching.  Everyone from personal trainers to life coaches, osteopaths to psychotherapists, nutritionists to acupuncturists and many more.

This, above anything else, is where the true potential in Until sits.  It’s what will act as the springboard that helps them realise their dreams for their businesses and themselves.

So, what’s your until?