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Learn more about what our exclusive membership can offer you.

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Alex Pellew
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What does an Until membership actually include?

It can be tough freelancing in the health and wellbeing space. Whether you’re a PT with a roster of dedicated clients, an experienced therapist or a skillful physio, you should feel empowered to do the best job possible. Not just for your clients, but for your own sense of professional pride.

Our membership packs are designed to do just that.

At Until, we’re committed to enabling both your career and your client’s welfare at every step. Which is why we’ve devised a comprehensive membership pack to support your work.

When you sign up with Until, you’ll get access to sophisticated and stylish spaces from October 2021. Spaces that honor the high quality service you provide. All of our spaces have been designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. From our 3000 sq. ft gym spaces, offering everything from the latest in sports science tech to expert conditioning equipment, to specialist treatment and coaching  rooms, which afford both comfort, privacy and expert functionality.

What else is included in the Until membership?

As well as full access to beautiful spaces, we can help to…

Expand your network

You’ll be working alongside London’s leading health and wellbeing professionals. Our Club House is designed for all members to meet, share experiences and grow together. You’ll also have access to our networking opportunities and social events.

By networking with London’s elite industry specialists, you’re more likely to find high-value clients to start those important working relationships. The sort of relationships that last.

Grow your business

With over a year of lockdowns and restrictions behind us, it’s time to think about how you’ll stimulate growth for your business. 

As well as state of the art facilities, you’ll gain access to expert support clinics and accountancy services to make sure your business is running as smoothly as possible. There’s nothing more valuable than having industry-specific support to help you keep things moving forward.

And you’ll be able to take full advantage of all our resources from day one. We don’t believe in tiered membership systems that exclude people from certain benefits. We want your business to soar, and equality between members facilitates this potential for everyone.

Reach your potential

You are your business.  So without being mindful of your personal development, your business won’t fulfil its potential. With our membership, you’ll get many of the benefits of salaried employment without the restrictions that can come with it. As such, you’ll get the space you need to work on personal growth. As well as CPD programmes, you can access sick and injury pay, health insurance and 24/7 access to a digital GP.

With an infrastructure in place designed to both streamline your business and keep you feeling good, you’ll have the time you need for you.