Most Popular Fitness Trends for 2024 Revealed

With the start of a new year comes a new era of invention and resurgence for fitness industry trends. We've looked at the data to reveal the 10 most popular fitness trends to keep an eye out for in 2024.

Written by
Will Harvey
Published on
January 19, 2024

With the start of a new year comes a new era of invention and resurgence for fitness industry trends.

While some preferred to slow it down in 2023, with reformer pilates being all the rage in the cosy cardio trend, others decided to try ice plunging in their garden wheelie bin. Some people went full throttle with HIIT and strength training, making the most of state-of-the-art gym spaces for hire.

However, it seems last years #Fittok fanfare and ‘hot girl walks’ have lost their hype, with resolution seekers looking for different ways to stay fit in the new year.

A new study, by flexible wellness workplace provider UNTIL, analysed Google search data over the past year to determine which fitness trends have had the biggest rise in searches across the UK, revealing the most popular trends for 2024.

As people look for ways to stick to their ‘new year, new me’ fitness resolutions, the study revealed the top ten most popular fitness trends you can incorporate into your routine to stay motivated.

Somatic exercise

It seems like people have a lot to get off their chest in 2024, with a 2,120% rise in searches across the UK for emotion-led somatic exercise.

Wellness is at the forefront of this fitness trend, kicking off the new year with a holistic approach to fitness that addresses your whole self, in a way that makes run of the mill exercise feel outdated.

Through performing physical, emotion-led movements - somatic workouts focus on internal awareness and expressing this in a way that releases emotional tension, whilst building strength.

Exercise snacking

Some fitness trends come and go, but this slow-building fitness trend is here to stay, with short burst exercise ‘snacking’ receiving the second highest rise in searches across the UK (414%).

The exercise snacking method consists of short bursts of one to ten minutes of exercise spread over the course of a day, instead of one long session, for slow-building fitness that’s achievable for all.

These low-impact ‘mini’ workouts can pack quite a metabolic punch for those struggling to get started on their fitness journey, with three ten-minute workouts a day just as effective as one 30-minute session. Starting the year as we mean to go on, this trend is a pioneer for inclusive and accessible fitness.


Recognised as the fastest growing fitness sport in the world, HROX has taken the UK by storm as the third most popular fitness trend for 2024, with a 306% rise in searches over the past year.

The indoor fitness race combines strength and cardio movements alongside running, where those involved run 1km followed by one functional workout station, repeated eight times.

This high-intensity race is a true full-body workout, with its own global leaderboards and ‘World Championship’ for a fun competitive kick.

Boutique fitness

As big gyms heave with those on new year fitness journeys, others look to get fit away from the crowds, with ‘boutique fitness’ experiencing the fourth biggest rise in searches across the UK (240%).

Offering a more personalised approach to fitness, boutique gyms focus on smaller-scale group exercise in one or two disciplines. It’s ideal for those who know what they like and enjoy the sense of an empowering fitness community that’s naturally built in these environments.

AI workouts

Providing personalised programmes that deliver fast results, ‘AI workouts’ have sent shockwaves through the fitness industry emerging as the fifth most popular trend for 2024, with a 200% rise in searches over the past year.

Whether you’re new to fitness or fancy getting some ideas for your next PT session, AI can give a helping hand in generating ideas for your workouts.

While AI is not advanced enough to give the qualified advice of a personal trainer, it can help to give generalised advice based on your input for fitness journey planning.


The new ‘hot girl walk’ of 2024? ‘Rucking’ is soaring in popularity, with a 177% rise in searches over the past year.

Taking things to the next level, rucking involves walking or hiking with a weighted backpack for a low impact workout aimed at improving strength and cardiovascular fitness.

This slow-burning workout is by no means new, resurging from military training as a trusted method to improve fitness.

Hard 75

As many look to test their discipline in the new year, Hard 75 has gained momentum as a fitness challenge not for the faint-hearted, with a 177% rise in searches over the past year.

This gruelling challenge consists of five “critical” daily tasks that you must complete every single day for 75 days straight; if you fail, you start all over again.

The tasks consist of following a strict diet, completing two 45-minute workouts a day (one of which must be outdoors), taking a progress picture, drinking one gallon of water and reading ten pages of a non-fiction book - every day.

Hybrid fitness

For those struggling to maintain their new year's fitness resolutions, hybrid workouts could be the answer to help you stay motivated, with a 125% rise in searches across the UK and the eighth biggest trend for 2024.

By keeping exercise exciting with diverse workouts both in and out of the gym, those who engage in hybrid fitness manage to do 67% more workouts than gym-only exercisers - 5.5 workouts per week on average compared to 3.3.

Flexible workspaces are great for those who prefer hybrid fitness, as they allow you to enjoy the gym without the permanent membership price-tag.

Functional fitness

Recognition is on the rise for functional fitness, with an 81% search increase for these exercises aimed at supporting your body in daily activities.

Functional training is important for everyone; by engaging in similar movements normally required for everyday life, the exercises seek to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and reduce injury.

Sustainable fitness

Starting a fitness routine is the first hurdle, maintaining it is the second - as demonstrated by a 67% search increase for sustainable fitness over the past year.

Setting realistic routines and goals for yourself is essential for the foundations for a sustainable fitness routine, where you can thrive in your fitness journey whilst still having down time.

Unsustainable goals lead to inconsistency and giving up, evident by the 43% of people expected to quit new year’s resolutions after just one month.

Starting your fitness journey as you mean to go on, with sustainable goals and practices that are complementary and maintainable with your lifestyle, will keep you motivated with your resolutions into the new year.


Researchers at UNTIL analysed Google Keyword data over the past year to determine which fitness keywords and topics have had the biggest rise in searches across the UK, revealing the most popular trends for 2024.

INDEX: The top 10 fitness trends for 2024

1: Somatic exercise - 2,120% YoY search change

2: Exercise snacking - 414% YoY search change

3: HYROX - 306% YoY search change

4: Boutique fitness - 240% YoY search change

5: AI workout - 200% YoY search change

6: Rucking - 177% YoY search change

7: Hard 75 - 177% YoY search change

8: Hybrid fitness - 125% YoY search change

9: Functional fitness - 81% YoY search change

10: Sustainable fitness - 67% YoY search change