Quick guide to CPD in the health and fitness industry

Investing in yourself through continued professional development (CPD) courses can help you stay driven, inspired and at the top of your game.

Written by
Alex Pellew
Published on
February 23, 2023

As a personal trainer, it’s all about keeping clients motivated. But how do you make sure you stay motivated, too?

Investing in yourself through continued professional development (CPD) courses can help you stay driven, inspired and at the top of your game.

Not only can CPD broaden your understanding of the current health and fitness landscape, it also gives you specialised knowledge. Knowledge that can help develop your business, boost your profits and - most importantly - offer your clients a service that surpasses the competition.

Why CPD makes good business sense

Your clients rely on you, and over time their needs will change. With a constantly evolving bank of knowledge and skills, you’re able to grow with them. As their circumstances change, so does your ability to respond to their requirements.

In a largely unregulated industry, we understand that proof of professionalism counts for a lot. It helps you stand out from the crowd and build trust across your client base. Plus, enhancing your expertise through CPD helps you stay up to date with the latest science, and technology in health and fitness. As anyone in the industry will know, science never stands still.

In recent years, we’ve seen new trends come to the fore –‘strong not skinny’ in women’s fitness, the rise of wearable tech, and the importance of physical exercise for our mental health to name just three. Today’s science tells us that a strong core isn’t just achieved by multiple crunches, and that women can benefit from lifting heavy weights.Embarking on a programme of CPD makes sure you can sort fitness fact from fiction.  

So what’s on offer?

There are various CPD courses to choose from in the health and fitness sphere, including:

Short courses: Many courses can be completed in just one or two days. They will give you skills in specific disciplines – from HIIT and kettlebells to yoga and core strength. They also cover the essentials, such as first aid, motivational communication, and building your fitness business.

Specialist knowledge: If you have been working as a personal trainer or fitness professional for a while, you may decide to specialise in a particular area. This could be driven by your desire to work with a specific client demographic or focus on something you’re passionate about. Specialist learning includes postnatal exercise, fitness for older people, or rehabilitation training.

New discipline: You may have reached a point in your career when you feel like you want a change of direction. A wideroffering will open more doors both in terms of where you work and who you work with. Choosing the right location in which to work is one of the keys to unlocking business success. Look for a place that attracts a strong community of professionals so you can network and grow your knowledge every day.

How to choose a CPD course

Ask yourself these questions before committing to a course:

Who do you like working with?

Think about the clients you already have and who you enjoy working with. Do they fall into a particular category (e.g. age, gender, physical ability)? Once you’ve identified your ideal client, you can then think about the skills you need to strengthen your offering to them.

Where do your strengths lie?

Think about the clients who have seen the biggest and best results. This will give you an idea of what you are already good at, and what you need to do to progress further.  

What does the market demand?

What client goals come up again and again? Understanding your marketplace will help you focus on the most profitable areas – weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation, post-pregnancy fitness or something else.

How can CPD boost your career?

We get it. Taking any CPD course is going to take time. Time that you might feel would be better spent running your business and training clients. However, you need to think about your career in the long term.

Some of the ongoing benefits of CPD include:

- Networking: Taking classes with other fitness professionals

- Prices: The more in-depth your knowledge, the more this can be reflected in your hourly rate

- Competitive edge: Offering specialised training helps you stand out from the crowd

- Value: Learning new skills and the latest techniques means you give your clients added value

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