The importance of podiatry in sports injuries

Podiatry can help prevent sports injuries and other issues affecting the feet and ankles, as well as leg, knee, and back injuries related to them. Podiatrists can look at everything from gait and footwear to strengthening, flexibility, and stability diagnoses and exercises. The earlier a sprain or inflammation is treated, the more likely it is to avoid more serious injury.

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March 21, 2023

We all put our feet and ankles through their paces on a daily basis. They help us balance,  offer support, and bear our body weight. A tough job when we’re standing – let alone when we’re exercising.

So, it’s no surprise they’re at risk of injury every time we step into the gym or onto the sports field. Torn ligaments. Pulled muscles. Overuse. Sports injuries are rife, with 42% alone impacting the lower body (feet, ankles and legs).

The stats say it all. 43% of athletes get at least one injury per season. And it’s not just elite athletes who need to take care. Gym equipment caused the most sport-related injuries in 2021 – more than football, cycling, skateboarding or snowboarding.

Your clients come to you to get fit. Sure. But they also want your expertise. As their trainer, it’s your responsibility to make their exercise program as safe as it is effective.

And that’s where podiatry can help.

What is podiatry?

Podiatrists are highly trained medical experts who specialise in the treatment of feet and ankles. They understand how certain exercise and movement affects bones and ligaments and can treat sports injuries and other issues affecting the feet and ankles. Think painful corns and calluses, sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, stress fractures, broken toes and shin splints. The list goes on.

They can also help treat leg, knee and back injuries related to the feet and ankles.

How can podiatrists prevent injury?

The first rule of podiatry? Don’t wait until you’ve got an injury before calling a podiatrist.

Podiatrists are trained to help prevent injuries by looking at everything from gait and footwear to strengthening, flexibility and stability diagnoses and exercises. Plus, the earlier you can treat a sprain or inflammation, the more likely you are to avoid more serious injury down the line. A podiatrist will be able to recommend the best treatment – from physical therapy to surgery.

Professional support to grow your business

Your clients come to you because they know exercise is good for their body, mind and soul. It makes them feel good. The last thing they want is to sustain an injury that could see them out of action for weeks – even months.

That’s not good for them. And it’s not good for your business.

But what if you could quickly and simply refer your clients to a range of health and wellness experts, such as podiatrists, pilates instructors and more? Where you run your business is key.

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