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The Interconnections Between Health & Wellness Professionals

A problem shared is often a problem halved, in all aspects of our lives. And for wellness professionals, the ability to share and seek advice and support from their peers can really benefit both themselves and their clients.

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April 5, 2022

We all have an innate drive to seek support and comfort from others. Particularly when faced with a problem, we frequently turn to others for their advice and guidance because after all, they do say that two minds are better than one. A problem shared often is a problem halved, as cliché as it sounds. 

And it’s not just in our personal lives. At work there’s a huge benefit from turning to a trusted colleague to ask for help with a task or problem. When looking at the wellness industry in particular, we’ve seen first-hand the profound effect that comes from wellness professionals having the time and space to seek support from their peers. Not only does it benefit them as individuals, but it can have a huge impact on their clients’ unique health journeys. 

With personal and professional lives having become more and more intertwined since the beginning of the pandemic, the things we seek guidance on – whether we’re discussing with a friend, colleague, or fellow industry professional – span all areas of our lives, and as a result, it’s important to note how interconnected all the different areas of our lives actually are. Think about when you chat with that trusted colleague about a work issue – you might begin by discussing this, only to see the conversation evolve to how it’s impacting your relationship or your motivation to socialise or exercise. The myriad of connections within our health, mindset and day-to-day lives demonstrates just how impactful or detrimental it can be if one area isn’t functioning as optimally as the others. 

Digging a little deeper on this, we can then look at how these interconnections within our unique physiology and wellbeing can influence the work of the health and wellness professionals that we turn to. For example, turning to a Personal Trainer for help rarely means focusing solely on movement. The best Trainers take into consideration factors such as nutrition, workload, quantity and quality of sleep, and for female clients their menstrual cycle. All of these things combined influence the development of a client’s workout programme and in turn, other areas of a client’s life. 

More than ever there is a huge emphasis on this topic and how all areas of our lives are so intertwined, and likely need more than one expert to work through things with. And the best wellness professionals have known this for a long time. But, thanks to the pandemic, they’ve been working in silo for two years with a lack of opportunities to not only come together, but also to develop themselves and be at the top of their game for their clients. Since the launch of Until at the beginning of 2022, we’ve been lucky enough to witness the post-pandemic shift and the benefits that come from the return to in-person connections between the best H&W professionals. 

As an example, one Nutritionist who recently led a seminar about female hormones and what Trainers and Coaches should look out for, has since been discussing a collaboration with a Personal Trainer as to how together they can better educate other Until members around women’s health and training. Not only does this open up their respective networks and scope of learnings, but ultimately their clients are going to receive a more in-depth and specialised programme. 

If you’re a wellness professional who would benefit from this level of support and advice from others in the industry, whether to better serve you or your clients, come and meet your peers who are changing the game at Until.

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