We're raising the bar, are you?

We’ve taken that promise to the next level at our new Liverpool St club – situated three mins from Liverpool St station and due to open this autumn.

Written by
Alex Pellew
Published on
August 16, 2022

We started Until with a simple belief – that freelance health and wellness professionals should get supported with as much love, care and brilliance as they give their clients.

Underpinning this was a promise that, at Until, these awesome professionals would get access to the very best facilities, better than those at London’s leading gyms, clinics or therapy centres.

Meaning that taking the leap to go it alone would no longer mean trading down and starting out in some ropey facility until you could work your way back to what you had when you worked for the man.

Well, we’ve taken that promise to the next level at our new Liverpool St club – situated three mins from Liverpool St station and due to open this autumn. Designed to help performance focused freelancers, everyone from Strength & Conditioning coaches and personal trainers through to Osteos and Physios, take their offer to the next level. This club will be one of London’s most cutting-edge performance facilities, boasting an elite range of performance and recovery equipment.

Give your clients a training performance edge with:

- Racks with integrated Gym aware units to enable velocity-based training

- Curated, market-leading strength and conditioning equipment from Eleiko, Technogym, ESP, specifically designed to optimise performance

- Specialist strength machines from Atlantis and Prime with smart-cam systems allowing you to adjust the resistance profile

- A 10m track with speed gates to accurately measure speed and acceleration over 5-10m

- Dedicated recovery space including soft matted stretching space, Theraguns and recovery boots

Help them recover from injury and training faster and smarter with:

Treatment rooms that open onto the gym floor, with easy access to the training and recovery space, as well as coming kitted out with hand-held dynamometers and Focus shockwave machine

In-session recovery tools such as recovery boots and Theragun that promote faster recovery times

Post-session recovery tools such as a state-of-the-art Cryotherapy chamber that reduces down to -110 degrees. As well as a 2-person Hyperbaric chamber, increasing oxygen supply to the body to speed up recovery from training, sickness or injury

But this Club doesn’t just come packed with awesome kit! It also comes with all the usual Until DNA, honed at our first club in Soho – a vibrant and supportive community of London’s top health & wellness professionals, a range or brilliant business support services, personal development & CPD, great service that always leaves you and your clients with a smile.

Last, but not least! We didn’t just want to have the best equipment. We also wanted to create the most premium wellness experience in the city! Every part of this club is dripping in stunning design, creating an experience that will knock your clients’ socks off!

But more than that, it’ll be somewhere you’ll be proud to call the home of your business and somewhere that helps you raise the bar in the service you provide. As always with us, that’s the benchmark! Does it make you, the professional, feel that your every need is catered for and that you have the very best tools and all the support you need to fly?

We reckon it will do. But there’s only one way to find out!

Come and check it out for yourself.

See Liverpool Street here.

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