How to Start a Massage Therapy Business: Step by Step

Are you gifted with your hands and have aspirations to be an entrepreneur? Follow our step by step guide to starting your own successful massage therapy business below.

Written by
Will Harvey
Published on
February 19, 2024

In today's fast-paced world, where downtime feels like a luxury and stress is as common as a triple-shot espresso for breakfast, as a massage therapist you have the power to offer a much-needed respite.

So, how do you channel this invaluable skill into a thriving business? Let’s break down how to start a massage therapy business, making your path from dream to reality as smooth as the massages you'll offer.

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

First identifying your target market

The first step in opening a massage therapy business is knowing your audience inside out. Who are they? What do they need? Are they desk-bound and seeking relief from the 9-5, athletes looking to bounce back or seniors in search of gentle care?

Pinning down your target demographic sharpens your focus like a laser. By understanding who you're talking to, their needs and preferences, you can tailor your service offerings and business model.

Competitor analysis

Checking out the competition is next. What do your local competitors do well? What are they missing? Spot their gaps and position yourself as the go-to by offering something they don’t. It’s about finding your edge in a crowded room when plotting how to start a massage therapy business.

Step 2: Create a Business Plan

Dreaming big is good; planning big is better. Crafting a business plan is like plotting a route on a map. It’s detailing the journey from where you are to where you want to be, with clear signs along the way. This document isn’t just a formality – it’s the foundation of your dream, outlining how to start a massage therapy business with clarity and purpose. Consider:

  • Goals and values: What drives you? Is it healing, relaxation or perhaps enhancing athletic performance? Nail this down. Define what your massage therapy business stands for and the objectives you aim to achieve.
  • Services and pricing: Lay out what you’ll offer and at what price. This isn’t about undercutting the competition; it’s about showcasing your worth. Research what others are charging and adjust based on your unique value proposition.

Step 3: Legal Considerations

Navigating legal issues might sound as enticing as a cold shower in winter, but it’s actually the bedrock of your business’s credibility. Think of it as less about red tape and more about laying a solid foundation – essential when considering how to open a massage therapy business. From choosing the right business structure to navigating the necessary licensing, here’s your checklist:

  • Choosing your business structure: Sole trader or limited company? Each has its perks and paperwork. Registering as a sole trader might be your starting point, offering simplicity and control. However, consider the benefits of a limited company for liability protection as you grow.
  • Licensing and permits: Depending on where you’re setting up shop, to open a massage therapy business you might need a licence from your local council. Always check with the local authority to ensure you’re starting on the right foot. Consider aligning with bodies like the GCMT or CNHC for an added layer of credibility, too.
  • Insurance: Don’t skimp here. Essential for anyone looking into how to start a massage therapy business, liability insurance provides peace of mind for both you and your clients, safeguarding your practice.

Step 4: Set Up Your Massage Space

The ambiance and functionality of your massage space play a significant role in the client experience. Your space should be a retreat, easily reached yet a world away from the hustle and bustle.

Choose a location

The right location can significantly impact your business's success. Think accessibility meets ambiance. Your space should be easy to find yet feel worlds apart from the daily grind. Proximity to your target demographic is key, too. Tick all the above, and your clients are sure to think ‘Ah, this is the place.’ when they walk in.

UNTIL offers premium massage spaces for professionals that could serve as the ideal setting for your massage therapy business, providing a welcoming environment for your clients. You can access these rooms flexibly through a credit based system. So the more clients that you see, the more credits you’ll use - this allows you to scale your business with ease.

Equipping the massage space

Essential equipment ensures your space is well-prepared to offer a comprehensive range of services. Here’s a checklist of what you should consider:

  • Massage tables: Comfort meets durability. Invest in quality.
  • Linens and towels: Softness that speaks volumes. Opt for high-quality, easily washable fabrics.
  • Oils and lotions: The medium of your magic. Variety caters to client preference and skin types.
  • Ambiance accessories: Soft lighting, calming music and a diffuser for essential oils can transform a room into a retreat.
  • Sanitation supplies: Hygiene is paramount. Ensure a stock of cleaning products safe for use on your equipment and gentle on the skin.

Massage rooms at UNTIL are equipped with all the equipment you’ll need to provide a professional and relaxing experience for your clients.

Step 5: Marketing and Branding

Now, let's get the word out. Your brand is your story, told in your own unique voice. This step is about how to start a massage therapy business that resonates with people, turning first-time visitors into lifelong clients.

Developing a brand identity

Your logo, your colours, your voice – every element should resonate with the essence of your mission and appeal to your target market.

Online Presence


Launch a website that’s not just informative but a portal to the tranquillity you offer. Make it welcoming, make it informative and make it easy to book appointments.

Social media

Harnessing the power of social media should be at the top of your toolkit when it comes to how to start a massage therapy business. Share valuable content, consistently, from self-care tips to behind-the-scenes looks into your practice.

Promotional Strategies

Effective promotional strategies, such as opening discounts and referral programs, can kick-start client acquisition, and fuel client retention.

Step 6: Build Client Relationships

Exceptional experiences aren't just remembered; they're recounted. Making top-tier service non-negotiable, and a cornerstone of how to start a massage therapy business. It’s what turns first-timers into regulars and sceptics into evangelists.

  • Provide exceptional service: This is where your skill shines. Make every session memorable, and they’ll keep coming back for more.
  • Feedback: Encourage reviews, engage with feedback and use it as a tool for growth by sharing all those 5* experiences across your socials and website (with their permission of course).
  • Follow-up: Your relationship doesn't end at ‘goodbye’. Follow up, check in and make them feel valued in order to foster a loyal customer base.

Step 7: Networking and Collaboration

No one builds an empire alone. The wellness industry is your community; embrace it. Connect, collaborate and grow.

Build professional relationships

Your network is your net worth. Building professional relationships with other healthcare providers, from physios to personal trainers, can open doors to referrals and collaborative opportunities.

UNTIL's community offers unparalleled networking prospects, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals and grow your practice through collaboration.

Utilising available resources

Making use of the right resources can supercharge your setup. UNTIL’s premium treatment rooms are designed with the massage therapist in mind. Think rooms equipped with state-of-the-art Plinth Medical beds, adjustable for every client’s comfort, ergonomic workstations for your administrative ease and a full suite of Hyperice recovery tools to offer that extra value to your treatments. Creating an environment that’s as committed to healing and comfort as you are.

Join the UNTIL Community

Joining the UNTIL community not only gives you access to top-tier facilities but also plugs you into a network of wellness professionals. It’s a space where collaboration, growth and innovation aren’t just encouraged; they’re part of the fabric of what we do.

Apply now, and let UNTIL be the springboard for your massage therapy business, providing the resources and community support to thrive in the competitive wellness industry.