6 Ways to Motivate Your Personal Training Clients

Keeping your clients motivated is an essential part of your role as a personal trainer. Motivated clients smash their fitness goals and become a walking, talking advert for your business. Below, we share 6 different techniques you can use to keep your clients inspired.

Written by
Alex Pellew
Published on
October 23, 2023

If your clients aren't motivated, they'll struggle to make progress, become disengaged, and could ultimately give up with their training. This won't only hamper their fitness journey, but it will impact your business, too. How can you expect to attract new personal training clients if you can't keep your current ones motivated? 

Below we share 6 effective strategies that will empower you to boost your clients' motivation and keep them consistently on track toward their fitness goals:

6 Effective Ways to Motivate Your PT Clients

  1. Use personal trainer apps and software
  2. Master social media engagement
  3. Set challenges
  4. Set short-term goals
  5. Always be positive
  6. Train in the right environment

1. Use Personal Trainer Apps and Software

In today's digital age, personal trainer apps and software have become essential tools for fitness professionals. Platforms like Trainerize, Everfit, TrueCoach, and MindBody, offer a digital bridge that transcends the physical boundaries of the gym. These apps are game-changers that improve your relationship with clients and to help you track their progress when you are not physically with them.

These resources are not just tools; they are motivation boosters that keep your clients fired up and their commitment levels rock-solid, providing nutrition plans, extra resources and daily motivation, keeping your clients on track.

Importantly, during challenging times, these apps become invaluable tools for your clients to reflect on their journey, derive inspiration from their achievements, and stay dedicated to their fitness pursuits.

2. Master Social Media Engagement

Social media is your playground, and it's a cost-effective avenue to take your fitness brand to new heights. To make the most of it, you need to write a strategic content plan. Your engagement should encompass a diverse range of content types, including:

  • Inspiring client success stories.
  • Expert nutrition advice and delectable, healthy recipes.
  • Innovative workout ideas and actionable fitness tips.
  • Heartfelt celebrations of your clients' milestones and achievements.
  • Engaging fitness challenges.
  • Fun and interactive social media competitions.

By curating your social media content, you can not only foster client loyalty but also generate valuable leads for your business.

If you've got a personal trainer website, this is another place where you could host content such as videos and workout routines for your clients to engage with and stay motivated.

3. Energize Clients by Setting Challenges

Strategically incorporating 1:1 fitness challenges into your training sessions can be a game-changer for motivating your clients and accelerating their fitness progress. These tailored challenges act as powerful motivators, ensuring your clients stay fully engaged in their fitness journey and add an exciting and competitive element into your training sessions.

Customise challenges to precisely align with each client's unique fitness goals. For instance, you could initiate a '30-Day Strength Challenge' to target specific muscle groups or a 'Weight Loss Transformation Challenge' aimed at shedding kilos. Alternatively, daily fitness tasks like the '25 Push-Up Challenge' or the '30-Day No Sugar Challenge' can serve as effective tools to keep clients focused and determined.

Furthermore, consider introducing individualised challenges such as a 'Daily Step Challenge,’ to help build a sense of accomplishment throughout the week.

By seamlessly integrating 1:1 challenges into your training programmes, you empower each client to set clear, achievable goals. This not only boosts their self-confidence but also demystifies the 'how' and 'why' behind their overall programmes.

4. Set Realistic Short-Term Goals

Understanding why your clients are pursuing their fitness goals is like unlocking the key to their motivation – the driving force that keeps them going. These motivations can be either intrinsic (personal and self-driven) or extrinsic (external factors).

Extrinsic motivations may come from sources like friends, family, or upcoming events. For instance, someone might be working out to prepare for a wedding or a race.

Intrinsic motivations, on the other hand, are more personal and can include a desire to enhance one's overall quality of life by improving physical abilities and movements.

As coaches, many of us have a similar story. We entered the world of coaching and personal training because we wanted to improve ourselves both on and off the field. Maybe we faced challenges like not making a sports team due to size or feeling like we didn't quite fit in. Through fitness, we gained confidence and skills, and now we're passionate about helping others on their journey.

Once we understand not only the goal but also why it matters so much to our clients, we can tailor a program that truly meets their needs and guides them from their starting point to their desired destination.

Of course, it's important to remember that none of our clients are going to experience dramatic changes overnight. Realistic and gradual progress is key.

Start with achievable short-term goals, such as improving their food choices or increasing water intake during the first few weeks. Add healthy food swaps in and keep building on these small successes each week, making simple, sustainable changes.

For the longer term, consider their aspirations, like competing in an event or fitting into a special outfit.

Sett both short-term and long-term goals and always acknowledge and celebrate the small victories along the way.

Every 4-8 weeks, reassess your client's progress, showing them how far they've come from where they started. This continuous support and recognition of their achievements will keep them motivated and committed to their fitness journey.

5. Always be positive

Make positivity your superpower. Celebrate your clients' capabilities, skills, and growing confidence as a result of their consistent sessions.

Focus on their personal growth and achievements rather than solely on their physical transformation. While some clients may appreciate comments about their physical changes, respect that not everyone feels equally comfortable with such remarks.

Create a nurturing and supportive environment that values client comfort and consent, deepening trust and bolstering motivation.

6. Train Your Clients In the Right Environment

Selecting the right environment is a critical decision for both your clients' success and the growth of your business. Having access to the best equipment and training among other like-minded fitness enthusiasts will do wonders for your clients motivation.

Here are four compelling reasons why renting gym space at an UNTIL club will help you to keep you and your clients motivated: 

Premium Fitness Equipment

Designed with cutting-edge equipment, our gym provides your clients with access to industry leading facilities. From advanced cardio machines to high-end strength training equipment and specialised gear, we offer everything needed for a comprehensive client and member experience.

Designed for Personal Trainers

UNTIL has been thoughtfully designed with personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches in mind. This purpose-driven layout ensures ample space and resources for efficient and effective training sessions without limitations.

Business Scalability on Your Terms

One standout advantage of training at UNTIL is the ability to expand your business without sharing your earnings. In contrast to facilities with complex revenue-sharing models, our transparent pricing structure entails a flat rate, affording you the autonomy to set your fees and maximise profits.

Supportive Community of Fitness Experts

By selecting UNTIL, you're not just creating a new home for your business; you're becoming an integral part of a vibrant community comprising coaching, treatment, and clinical professionals. This dynamic network opens doors to invaluable insights, collaboration opportunities, and boundless motivation, benefiting both you and your clients alike.

Conclusion: Your Key to Success

By embracing these six powerful strategies, you are not just a trainer but a motivator and a catalyst for success. Your clients' motivation isn't just about their fitness journey; it's about the enthusiasm and commitment they bring to every session. Utilising these strategies will help to maximise your clients' potential and ensuring your personal training business reaches new heights of success. Remember, you are not just shaping bodies, you're transforming lives!


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