Passion meets purpose: Why Steven Bartlett is the perfect fit for UNTIL.

As entrepreneur Steven Bartlett joins UNTIL, the home of London’s best health and wellness professionals, the fitness enthusiast insists the motivation behind his investment is that health is the “foundation stone of our lives”.

Written by
Alex Pellew
Published on
August 15, 2023

What makes our business unique isn’t our brand, our business model or our product - although they’re all pretty cool! - it’s our mission. We exist to help healthcare and wellness professionals unleash their full potential so that they can better save and change lives.  

What’s handy about having such a clear purpose is that it makes making decisions easier, whether that’s deciding on what services we build through to which brands we partner with.  In those moments we just ask ourselves a simple question – will this help our members deliver a better service or grow their business?

If the answer is yes then we do it. If it’s no then we don’t.  Easy.

So when the opportunity for Steven Bartlett to join the team came up we asked ourselves the same question (spoiler alert, the answer was yes!). But to explain why, we need to go back to our first meeting with Steven.

Whilst it was a little bit unnerving that we met him in the room where he films his hugely successful ‘Diary of a CEO’ podcast, sitting around the table where he’s interviewed some of the most famous people in business and wellness; it was how he talked about what motivates him that ultimately sealed the deal.

He explained that his dual passions were entrepreneurship and wellness and that, as we help the UKs best wellness professionals grow thriving businesses, UNTIL was the perfect platform for him to leverage both. He’s also driven and inspired by our mission and keen to help us rebalance the industry by putting power and choice back into the hands of wellness professionals.

But I think he sums it up best when he says:

“I’m extremely proud to be joining UNTIL as Marketing Co-founder and being part of a business that will change the health and wellness landscape forever.  Supercharged by the pandemic, this industry is booming - the demand for training, treatment, and coaching has never been higher. Yet the health and wellness market is broken. UNTIL is the necessary disruptive solution to an industry built on unfairness and has the potential to move this industry forward in a progressive way that champions the practitioners themselves."

And that’s the nub of this. Ultimately it isn’t about commercial value, although that matters as it gives us more clout to better support professionals, it’s about the value it brings to our members. We deeply believe that having Steven’s brain working on our business and access to his extensive network will allow us to build a more powerful growth platform for our members.

Whether that’s using his expertise to turbo charge our business growth tools, access to partnerships with leading brands or just being able to get priority access to his ‘Diary of a CEO’ live events, this partnership will allow us to offer our members things we couldn’t even have dreamed of previously.

So, in short, we think this is a powerful opportunity for UNTIL and our members.  But we also feel the weight of the responsibility on delivering on that promise.  

The work is only just starting.