Where Can You Train Your Clients as Personal Trainer?

From gyms to online platforms, homes to private studios, this guide navigates the options to help you craft exceptional fitness experiences. Explore your options as a personal trainer.

Written by
Dan Chappell
Published on
April 17, 2024

Where Can You Train Your Clients as Personal Trainer?

As a self employed personal trainer finding the right location to train your clients in can present a challenge. It needs to be somewhere that’s financially viable, has access to essential training equipment and is practical for you and your clients.

Not only that, but it isn’t just about choosing somewhere that is functional; you want to work in atmosphere that inspires progress and motivates your clients to push themselves and achieve results.

If you’re employed by a gym the answer is more obvious; you’ll probably be assigned clients and a place to train them in. However if you’re self-employed, finding the right location is a major business decision.

Is there a gym nearby that will let you hire a space? Do you have your own space that you will train clients in? Or, is there an alternative solution? To help you decide we’ve put together this guide exploring the different options available to personal trainers below.

Before we dive in, we also wanted to let you know about our flexible gym space to rent for freelance PT’s here at UNTIL. Members and their clients can access our premium gyms which are exclusively designed for personal trainers and coaches, providing a way to scale your business and train your clients in the very best facilities.

1. In a Gym

A gym is the obvious place to your clients in as a personal trainer, but it's not one-size-fits-all. Training your clients in a gym will depend employment status and your agreement with the gym.

Here are some different scenarios:

  • You are employed by a public gym: Working as a gym employee can offer stability, a ready-made client base and a place to train those clients in. However, you might find this restrictive if you want to retain control over who, when, where and how you train. Our step by step guide on how to become a personal trainer explores the different career options and their pros and cons.
  • Renting space in a public gym: This option might give you more financial freedom than being employed and earning a salary. You have the liberty to set your rates and schedule, but you’ll need to factor in the cost of renting a space. Not all gyms offer this as an option, you will need to check with nearby gyms to see which do. And oh, don’t forget about the battle for equipment during peak hours!
  • Renting Specialist PT Gym Space: Renting space designed specifically for personal trainers offers the freedom to train clients on your terms. This setup allows you to enjoy the perks of autonomy and access to premium equipment without the commitment of gym employment. Since the sole purpose of these gyms is for PT’s to operate in, the rates and contracts are often much more flexible and affordable than renting space in public gyms too.

We might be biased as it’s what offer here at UNTIL, but we think specialist PT gym space to rent can be a game-changer for freelance professionals looking to cultivate a unique brand and client experience.

2. Online

Post-COVID, the digital fitness boom has flung open new doors for personal trainers worldwide. Online training allows:

  • Global Reach and Flexibility: Train anyone, anytime, anywhere. The world is your oyster. But remember, building a strong online presence requires effort, from crafting engaging content to mastering the art of virtual communication.
  • Timeless Training: Develop and deliver personalised workouts, videos and an exercise library right from your website. (Need a website? Got an existing one in need of a shape up? We’ve got a guide for that. Check out our ‘How to create a website’ post.)

Some drawbacks to consider: The personal touch can get lost in translation online. Not to mention, the challenge of ensuring your clients are maintaining proper form through a screen. And let’s not forget the tech glitches that can throw a wrench in your best-laid plans.

If you have no other option, it’s certainly possible to make online training work in this day and age. But we always think that the best results are achieved when you can see and train a client in person, in a gym.

That being said, online video calls are an excellent way to check in with clients between face to face sessions.

3. Client’s Home

Some clients prefer the privacy and convenience of their own homes for workouts. This might be an option, but unless they are fortunate enough to have their own gym with premium equipment, there will be limiting factors.

The variety in your training will probably be reduced due to space and equipment constraints – we’ve heard anecdotes of PT’s having to move furniture around just to be able to create the amount of space required. Plus, commuting around houses eats into your day, and that time that could be spent training more clients.

4. Outdoor public spaces (parks)

Parks and outdoor areas offer a breath of fresh air—literally—for where to train clients as a personal trainer. Outdoor workouts can attract more participants, and many clients appreciate the change of scenery and the energising feel of fresh air. Plus, the benefits of training in nature can significantly enhance the workout experience.

But, this choice isn’t always a walk in the park. Ever tried sprinting in the rain or doing downward dog in a snowstorm? British weather can be a fickle friend, and seasonal shifts might just put a dampener on your plans.

It’s great to get outside when the weathers nice and you might want to put on some one-off sessions in the spring/summer, but this isn’t something that you can rely on all your round.

5. Your Home

Transforming a space in your home into a training area can offer a personalised and convenient option for your clients. It’s a seemingly easy solution to the question of where you can train your personal training clients. However, it's essential to consider:

  • Space and Equipment: Ensuring you have the necessary space and premium equipment to offer a comprehensive workout experience.
  • Professionalism: Maintaining a professional atmosphere within a home setting can be challenging but not impossible with the right setup and mindset. Though ask yourself, how will turning your living space into a workout zone affect your work-life balance? Do you have a separate room you can hold sessions in, such as a garage, to give the space more of a ‘fitness’ feel?
  • Permissions: It's essential to check with your landlord or mortgage provider before embarking on this venture. It’s also worth considering the impact on your neighbours. Nothing says 'awkward' like a neighbourly complaint about the 7AM burpee sessions.

6. Private Studio

Private studios present an enticing alternative to crowded gyms, allowing for a personalised and focused environment free from the typical gym distractions. It's your realm, your rules, making it ideal for trainers aiming for a high-quality environment.

However, this exclusivity comes at a cost, quite literally. Rent, equipment, maintenance; the financial commitment can be substantial.

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