Accelerate recovery, instantly reduce pain and improve your overall wellbeing with our next-generation cryotherapy in Liverpool Street.

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Cutting-edge cold therapy

Cryotherapy, often referred to as cold therapy, is a cutting-edge treatment that involves immersing your body in chilly -110°C temperatures for a quick 3-minute interval. The concept behind whole body cryotherapy isn't new, but a refined approach to a long-standing tradition: voluntarily subjecting the body to sub-zero conditions. Research and studies have consistently indicated that cryotherapy can bolster our immune systems and prompt the body to unleash its innate healing capacities.

The IcePod: Unparalleled whole body cryotherapy

Our top-notch whole body cryotherapy chamber, courtesy of IcePod, is favoured by elite athletes and offers unparalleled therapy. The essence of a successful therapy session lies in rapidly, comfortably, and safely bringing your body's skin temperature down to by 10º. Achieving this sparks a physiological reaction known as thermal shock, paving the way for the therapy to commence.


Reboot your body in just 3 minutes

Just a short 3-minute spell at -110°C is all it takes to reboot your entire body, leaving you feeling both at ease and invigorated.

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A gentle adjustment to icy surroundings

Our full body chamber system operates at -110°C. For the session, we provide you with a face mask, gloves, ear muffs and thermal slippers. Of course, feel free to bring your own gear if you prefer.

Cryotherapy for speedier recovery and faster results

Designed with athletes and fitness enthusiasts in mind, those looking for faster recovery from training sessions, this method aids in understanding Cryotherapy's mechanism, and brings Cryotherapy within easy reach in the vicinity of Liverpool Street. Our goal is to empower you in your quest for faster recovery.

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A two-seater hyperbaric oxygen chamber in London
Reduce Inflammation

Cryotherapy can help to decrease inflammation in the body, which may provide relief for conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and muscle strains.

Pain relief

The cold temperatures during cryotherapy can numb nerve endings and reduce pain sensations, offering temporary relief for chronic pain conditions and acute injuries.

Enhanced athletic performance

By reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing blood circulation, cryotherapy can potentially improve endurance, strength, and overall athletic performance.

Improved muscle recovery

Cryotherapy has been shown to help speed up muscle recovery after intense exercise or athletic performance by reducing muscle soreness and promoting faster healing.

Mood enhancement

Cryotherapy may release endorphins and improve blood circulation, leading to a sense of well-being and potential mood elevation. Some people report feeling energised and invigorated after cryotherapy sessions.

Skin rejuvenation

Localised cryotherapy or cryotherapy facials can help improve the appearance of the skin, reduce signs of aging, and promote collagen production, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

Benefits of Cryotherapy


your questions, answered here.

How does cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy works by causing the blood vessels in the body to constrict, which in turn increases blood flow and oxygenation to the affected area. This can help to reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness.

How often should cryotherapy be used?

It depends on the individual and their specific condition or goal. Cryotherapy sessions can be done daily, weekly or monthly.

Is cryotherapy safe?

Cryotherapy is generally considered safe when performed by a trained professional. However, it may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain health conditions or who are pregnant.

What does cryotherapy do for you?

Cryotherapy offers various benefits by subjecting the body to extreme cold temperatures. It can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate muscle recovery. Athletes can benefit from reduced muscle damage and soreness. Cryotherapy may also boost metabolism and aid in weight management. It can enhance mood, reduce stress, and promote collagen production for skin rejuvenation. While individual experiences may vary, cryotherapy holds promise for these outcomes.

What is the best form of cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy is the best form of cryotherapy to help you recover faster and reap all the other benefits.

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